Best branding options for headwear and apparel

These branding options are great for caps, hats, jackets, ties, bags, visibility vests, aprons, scarves, beanies and shirts.

Super awesome branding for great products to make your brand look excellent, out standing and unique. 

2D Embroidery
3D Embroidery
Combo Embroidery
Applique Embroidery
Custom Customizing
Embroidered Patched
Rubber Patches
Woven Patches
Leather Patches
Printed Patches

Best branding options for promotional gear

Pad Printing
UV Printing
Sublimation Printing
Screen Printing
PU Printing
Heat Transfer Printing
Laser Engraving
Heat Transfer Stickers

Best branding options for events and promotions

Printed Pull Up Banners
Printed Banner Walls
Printed Table Coverings
Printed Gazebos
Printed Correx Boards
Printed Shark Fin Banners
Printed Pop Up Banners
Printed Curved Banners
Printed Posters & Frames
Printed Parasols

Ignite the flames of

Endless Possibilities

Promotional caps tick all the boxes of a must-have branded item

3d Puffy Embroidery

Make Your Designs Stand Out - Literally!

What is puffy or 3D embroidery?

This is the embroidery where a piece of the art or lettering puffs out above the rest. You will usually see this type of embroidery on baseball caps, sports hats and alike. The mascot or some of the lettering might be raised to add depth and height to a design.

The process of embroidering with puffy fonts, logos and designs is slightly different than regular embroidery.

 One of the newest strings to our bow, Puff Embroidery otherwise known 3D Embroidery is fast becoming a popular choice for a lot of our clients.

If you’ve not already heard of Puff embroidery also known as 3D Embroidery. It’s a technique, which allows you to raise the surface of your designs, making them essentially three-dimensional.

3D embroidery is best suited for bold designs and lettering as well as outlining your design or lettering creating an awesome sophisticated dimensional look.


2d or flat embroidery

Create Your Designs the way you want it

What is flat or 2D embroidery?

Flat embroidery is the most common embroidery used, it is where the decorative stitch is applied directly to the cap fabric creating a flat design.  Flat embroidery can be used for the most intricate and detailed designs without distorting the image which makes it the most popular choice for embellishment.

Flat embroidery is the style most often associated with embroidery and it can be done on hats, apparel, beanies, ties or patches for a long lasting amazing design.

Flat embroidery is great for finer detail. Although, don’t go crazy, still try to keep things as simple as you can for best results. This type of embroidery is a popular choice it is durable and affordable. Flat embroidery gives a sophisticated look to your items or brand in many ways.

Your Cap - Your Way

Combined Embroidery, Embroidery, EmbroideryStyles

Combining different styles of embroidery on your cap or garment creates an amazing sophisticated look

bringing your ideas to life which looks great and is durable.

Whichever design you choose, make your style and brand unique.

At the office or on the sports field

Make your brand stand out

Work hard - Play hard

Create Powerful
Marketing Tools

Whichever flavor you prefer every cap we have produces and will produce is a part of every soul that cap belongs to.
They form part of each person's personality.
The options are endless.
No matter your cap idea together we can make it a realty for you.
Our collection of caps is sure to make your brand stand out wherever you are.
Ideal for corporate teams, a group of friends or as a promotional giveaway, our wide selection of branded gear are waiting to be customized with your logo and design.
By branding physical items with a unique logo or message an advertiser creates a powerful marketing tool that is engaging for the consumer on many levels.

Your style - Your Way

Capping SA

A Cap For Any Occasion

When it comes to the cap style you love, Capping SA is positioned to be able to provide those requirement. From plain caps to customized caps, the possibilities are endless. We will honestly advise you on the best branding option that fits the style of cap and at the same time make it affordable for you. 

Shaping the future

Our patches can be sewn onto any garment or cap. Select from a variety of different styles of patches which include but not limited to leather patches, PU leather patches, 2d embroidered patches, 3d embroidered patches, sublimation print patches, screen print patches, metallic patches, sonic weld patches, liquid patches, silicon rubber patches, felt patches, woven patches and pvc rubber patches.

Patching Styles

2D Embroidered Patches

3D Embroidered Patches

Combo Embroidered Patches

Woven Patches

Leather Patches

PU Leather Patches

Silicon Rubber Patches

PVC Rubber Patches

Screen Printed Patches

Sublimation Patches

Liquid Patches

Felt Patches

One of a kind customizing

Spicy and hot. One of a kind hand customized headwear uniquely to our store

Hand customized

Arty projects

Superior Branding Option

Custom 3D Sonic Weld Logos

Custom your design with 3d sonic welding. This stunning method creates a classy superior look and feel and adds a lot of value to your branded gear. 


This creative technique results in a detailed and clean finish which is unlike any other branding technique available.

Sonic weld can create the effect of a metal badge, only at a much lower cost. Liquid metal when produced in a matt finish can create a very similar effect to a rubber print, allowing a mixture of metallic and matt in one design.

This aawesome branding option is currently imported and therefore orders will take a little longer than usual.

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